We have spent years assembling a team of experienced professionals with hands’ on experience in the industry, who can assess, and solve, any problem or issue within our industry. Our consultants have been in the trenches of the hospitality industry, navigating its complexities and overcoming its challenges firsthand. We've worked in every position and venue imaginable – gaining practical experience and insights that textbooks and online videos can't teach. Unlike others who offer generic forms and formulas, we understand that each hospitality business is unique, and provide you with a custom-tailored solution to address your specific needs. With decades of collective experience, our team understands the intricate dynamics that drive success - distinguishing us from others who rely solely on untested theories and philosophies. Our team is here to serve you, not to satisfy a personal agenda. When you partner with Invictus Hospitality, you're not just getting advice – you're gaining access to a team of industry veterans who are committed to your success. Trust us to guide you through every stage of your business journey, from conception, to execution, and beyond.

Homan Taghdiri

Founder & Managing Partner

Homan is the founder of Invictus Hospitality, and is a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry. From the age of 14, Homan has immersed himself in every aspect of the field, acquiring a wealth of experience and expertise. His unique background as a licensed attorney in California, combined with his practical experience in nearly every position within the hospitality industry, provides him with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between hospitality, business, relationships, business operations, logistics, and real estate.

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