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Do you have the resources you need to open up your venue?  Anyone who has ever opened any type of venue or business, knows how incredibly stressful, terrifying, amazing, rewarding, intense, inspiring, and nerve racking of an experience it can be – sometimes all at the same time.  Patience, organization, and having the resources to get you through the madness, will help you see the forest through the trees.

We have been involved with opening many venues across the country, and have a thorough understanding of the front of house, back of house, management, and operational elements required to be handled for a successful opening.  Whether you have a small business, a new restaurant, or a hotel, we have been involved from every perspective, and can handle all elements to ensure the best experience for ownership, management, investors, employees, and guests.


Things To Consider

Have your menu items been tested?  Have you had mock services?  Are your menus fully flushed out and ready for guest use? Are you having a friends and family night, grand opening, or both? How have you marketed your opening? Is your point-of-sale system fully set up, tested, and all staff trained on it?  Is your staff knowledgeable about your menu?  Do you have enough product to get you through the opening (including not just food and beverages, but also, plates, napkins, silverware, etc.)?  Do you have par values and ordering guidelines? 


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