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Does your menu build upon your concept, and deliver a guest experience, which is profitable?  Whether you are starting a new venture, or rebooting an existing business, the menus (both food and beverage), need to reflect the concept and relevance of your venue.  Properly curated menus take into current trends, your demographic, costs of goods, preparation requirements, potential waste, and profitability – which together allow for relevant and approachable items that are streamlined and profitable.

Your menu should be a combination of elements which balance your own taste, your demographic needs, price points, costs, profitability, available equipment, size of your venue, concept, theme, and execution.  We have designed every type of menu in the hospitality industry, and work with chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, and cicerones from all over the world to create menus that are fresh, focused, imaginative, curated, and profitable.


Things To Consider

How does your menu tie into your concept and theme?  How will your menu be accepted by your demographic?  What food and beverage costs are your targeting with your menu items?  Have you taken into account preparation times (both pre-service, and during service) in connection with your menu items?  Have you factored in waste and labor for your menu item costs?  How will you design the layout of your menu?


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