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How is your venue being designed?  Properly designing a venue often gets overlooked, because most people think that the “design” consists only of the colors and aesthetic of the venue.  The design however, covers far more, and should take into account not just the visual appearance, but also, the operational flow and proper space planning of the venue (for the benefit of both staff and guests).  The design also takes into account the mood you are trying to create based upon your concept and theme, as well as the overall guest experience created.  There is a delicate a blend of the aesthetic (the way the space looks and feels) and function (how the space is laid and operates), which affects guests consciously and subconsciously – and can be maximized for both guest experience and profitability.

It is easy to try and combine all design elements required for a successful business, without thinking through the ramifications some of the competing interests between the aesthetic, function, and experiential components of design.  We work with architects, designers, decorators, and contractors, and bring their competing interests together to create a cohesive venue that maximizes the space, experience, function, flow, and guest experience.  Many people hurt their project (and budgets) at the very beginning, by trying to figure things out as they go along, and without proper pre-planning and considering the practical result of their actions.


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What’s the difference between an architect, designer, and interior decorator – and can they all be the same person/company, or should they all be different?  Is your aesthetic design impeding on the functionality of your business?  Does the space planning and layout of the venue enhance the guest experience and efficiency of operations?  Does your design take into account being busier than expected, or possible future expansion?  How does your design take into account the delivery and to-go elements of your business?  How does your design affect the guest experience?  Does your design match your concept and identity?


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